About the Spaerpot

The history of the house

This national monument was built in 1650. Because no house numbers existed at that time, every house had a name. The name of the house was “het spaerpot”. Later changed to “The Good Shepherd”, reason and date are unknown. In 1845 the house was inhabited by a banking family who renamed the house “de Spaerpot”.(Piggy Bank)

Because our decimal currency unit was introduced in 1816, in which the guilder was divided into 100 cents, we have named our rooms after this.

Guilder – 100 cents

Daalder – 150 cents

Vijfje – 500 cents

Tientje – 1000 cents

The wall decoration in the rooms is inspired by the flower paintings from the Dutch masters in the 17th century (the Golden Age) in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

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